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At Virtually Possible Pa, I support Mums' to build or launch a profitable and fulfilling Virtual Assistant business, so you have work/life balance and become a confident and strategic business woman


Having a baby is a huge life changing experience. As much as us mum's love our little ones, we can also find ourselves forgetting who we were as women before becoming a mum, with our own aspirations and goals.


That part of you is still there, and with the right guidance you can become that successful business woman, that makes her business work around the life you have now.

Is this you?

  • Are you spending hours on end googling how to secure clients for for VA business?

  • You would like to start your VA business, but are feeling completely overwhelmed

  • You regularly experience negative thoughts about your abilities as a business woman

  • You compare yourself to others and feel tired and frustrated with seeing other business women’s wins

  • You feel like you’re not qualified to offer your services, and believe you’re a fraud - it’s only time before you get ‘found out’

  • Are you not where you want to be in your business 

  • You are working all the hours, but still not seeing results, you feel tired, fed up and like quitting 

  • Are you losing valuable time with your family as you're so busy researching how to attract clients to your business?

  • Do you feel you have lost your self-identity and would like support to help you achieve your business goals?

I offer a business mentoring service as I am passionate about supporting and empowering other mums out there to go for what they want in life, create a successful VA business, earn a profitable income while being at home with their little ones. 


Virtual Assistant

Your VA Masterclass was amazing! It was so clear and simple to understand, it has given me so much food for thought, and so many ideas with how to plan for my virtual assistant business

Virtual Assistant

Thank you Sarah for all of your help and support. Since working with you I have gained confidence to increase my rates, and have signed up new clients.

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