Are you're finding that you're working 100 miles an hour?

Are you exhausted from trying to keep your clients happy but leaving behind your own self care?

You are working late at night and over the weekend?

You aren't securing clients quickly enough due to not having boundaries and deadlines within your contracts or terms and conditions?

You feel that you can not take time off to have a break?

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At Virtually Possible Pa, I help Mums build a sustainable business to work around their little ones, by teaching you a simple framework, so you have confidence and strategy in your business


Having a baby is a huge life changing experience. As much as us mum's love our little ones, we can also find ourselves forgetting who we were as women before becoming a mum, with our own aspirations and goals. That part of you is still there, and with the right guidance you can become that successful business woman, that makes her business work around the life you have now.

  • Are you spending hours on end googling how to set up your business?

  • Are you losing valuable time with your family as you're so busy researching how to build a sustainable business?

  • Do you not want your maternity leave to end as your working hours and commute would mean time away from your little one?

  • Do you feel you have lost your self-identity and would like support to help you achieve your business goals?

I offer a business mentoring service as I am passionate about supporting and empowering other mums out there to go for what they want in life, create a successful online business, earn an income while being at home with their little ones. 



Sarah delivers an absolutely first class service which anticipates and responds to every need of the busy professional.  She skillfully weaves her brilliance for organizing and attending to customers needs sensitively through every interaction, until its difficult to imagine her not being there!

Director of Operations & Business Development

Sarah worked in my organisation for a number of years. and was instrumental in creating new streamlined and efficient systems for new services within the organisation. Her interpersonal skills and professional expertise were key to delivering successful outcomes.  

Project Manager

Sarah brings such strong organisational skills, creating more efficient systems and processes as she goes.  Has a friendly and professional approach to all working relationships.

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